Aye SplitTiff: tif tiff splitter to split tif tiff files in batches

Aye SplitTiff: tiff splitter to split multiple-page tiff files into single-page tif files in batches


Aye SplitTiff - split tif tiff files in batches Aye SplitTiff is a tif spliter, tiff spliter enables you to split multiple-page tif tiff files into separate single-page tif tiff files in batches.
Both GUI and command line modes are supported.
Support big tiff files of 9999 pages.
Support almost all kinds of B&W, greyscale and color tiff files.
You can see tiff file inside info like compression mode, total pages, etc.

Aye SplitTiff is small and easy to use.

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Trial Version Limitation

Trial version of Aye SplitTiff can process only part of each tiff page, so you get only top half of tiff pages. As soon as you purchase and register your license, you can process your tiff without any limitation.

We suggest you back up your source tiff files and keep them safe.

Download and try freely       Purchase ($29.95 only)       

History of Aye SplitTiff

02/02/2009, Aye SplitTiff 4.0 is released, FREE upgrade!

01/05/2007, Aye SplitTiff 3.0 is released, FREE upgrade!

10/20/2005, Aye SplitTiff 2.0 is released, FREE upgrade!

7/9/2005, Aye SplitTiff 1.0 is released

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