AyeView: image viewer, converter and browser with image transformations

20 image formats supported by AyeView

AyeView is a all-in-one image viewer, converter and browser without other plug-ins or ocx. You can browse, open, view, print, convert, flip, mirror, negative, rotate and resize various images like bmp, cur, dcx, emf, gif, ico, jpeg jpg, j2k j2c jp2 jpc, cx, pgx, png, pnm pgm ppm, ras, tga, tif tiff, wbmp, wmf image files with AyeView.

File ExtensitionsFile FormatsReadWrite
*.BMPMicrosoft Windows/OS2 Bitmap filesYesYes
*.CURMicrosoft Windows Cursor filesYesNo
*.DCX3D Multiple PCX Image filesYesYes
*.EMFMicrosoft Windows Enchenced Metafile filesYesNo
*.GIFCompuServe Graphics Interchange Format filesYesYes
*.ICOMicrosoft Windows ICON filesYesYes
*.JPG, *.JPEGJPEG filesYesYes
*.J2C, *.JPCJPEG2000 Code Stream filesYesYes
*.JP2, *.J2KJPEG2000 JP2 filesYesYes
*.PCXZSoft IBM PC Paintbrush (PCX) Image filesYesYes
*.PGXJPEG2000 Verification Model image filesYesYes
*.PNGPortable Network Graphics filesYesYes
*.PNM, *.PGM, *.PPMPortable Pixelmap image filesYesYes
*.RASSun Raster image filesYesYes
*.TGATruevision TARGA image filesYesYes
*.TIF, *.TIFFTagged Image FilesYesYes
*.WBMPWireless Bitmap filesYesYes
*.WMFMicrosoft Windows Metafile filesYesNo
*.SKASKA image filesYesYes
*.NEF;*.CRW;*.DCR;*.RAW;*.ARW, etcRaw digital-camera imagesYesNo

Note : Faxwizard .FMF and Zetafax .G3F/G3N fax images are no longer supported by AyeView since ver 3.00. We suggest you open such fax images by Smart FaxSee or FaxSee Pro.

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